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This website stores past events our Knights have participated in for use in the newsletter.


Council Meetings: 1st Monday of every month at 7:30 pm with the exceptions of holidays.  

Diocesan Picnic for Priests:  1-2 September 2007  

Help needed on both dates.  Knights were asked to help prepare food, setup chairs, tables, and assist in serving.  Cooking began on Saturday night with the picnic beginning at 6:30 PM on Sunday. Clean-up on Sunday night was also provided.


Past Event Schedule:


  • Saturday, July 19th, Installation of Officers after 5:00 PM Mass. Grand Knight (Christopher Yurasko) 

  • Tuesday, August 12th, Burial service for Father Edward Richarson, Virginia State Chaplin at Arlington National Cemetery, 12:01 PM.  Knights attended service.

  • Thursday, August 14th, Diocese Altar Server Picnic.  Knights provided assistance.

  • August 24th, Ministries Sunday at Blessed Sacrament.  Recruiting after each Mass.

  • Aug. 27, Wednesday – Mixed open bowling at USA Bowling

  • Oct 3, Friday – Crab Feast for Knights and their ladies at the EDW Council home

  • Oct. 4, Saturday - State meeting in Fredericksburg.  PGK received the "Star Council" award.


  • 28 February Lenten retreat day for men

  • June - awarded scholarships to 8th grade parishioners

    08/13/09       Alter server picnic (Joe Kogut)


    08/22/09        Supporting the Diocesan cook-out in Manassas, VA (no P.O.C.)


    08/22/09        Supporting 45 nuns and 50 shut-ins in Northeast Washington, D.C. with dinner (Joe Kogut)


    09/13/09        Following the Sunday Mass schedule (~5pm) supporting the 60th Anniversary of the 

                          Blessed Sacrament School (Joe Kogut)

    10/11/09        Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Following Sunday Masses


    10/17/09        Fundraiser Cookout following 5pm Mass


    11/07/09 Following the 5:00pm Saturday Mass


11/21/09         Dinner for our Priests (Joe Kogut) with funds going toward vocations


11/27-29/09   Catholic Youth Organization Basketball Tournament at Blessed Sacrament as a fund raiser 

                       for scholarships (Joe Kogut) - Cancelled


11/29/09        Donut Sales


11/21/09        Spiritual Bouquet for our Priests (Ed Conklin)


Advent 2009  Keep Christ in Christmas card sales following all Masses (George)


2/21/10    Basketball Free-thrown Tournament (Cancelled due to snow)


2/26/10    Fish Fry (Cancelled due to snow)


2/28/10    Basketball Free-thrown Tournament (Cancelled due to snow)




3/13/10           2010 Men's Conference at Herndon, VA - Council members receive a discount


3/14/10           Pancake breakfast  (Donato) fundraiser at Quinn Hall (7 am - 12:30 pm) & membership blitz


3/26/10           Fish fry


5/3/10             First Degree


May 2010       KOVAR fund raiser (John Boyd)


May 2010       Blessed Sacrament Parishioner's Scholarship Contest (Justin McFarland)



Past Dinner/BBQ Schedule:


  • 28 July after 5:00 pm mass join the Knights in celebrating with our priests to raise funds for vocations!

  • 18 August after 5:00 pm mass to raise funds for scholarships

  • 22 September after 5:00 pm mass to raise funds for scholarships  



  • 12 January - Council Spaghetti Dinner

  • 9 February - Spaghetti & Chicken Parmesan dinner

  • 8 March - Young Adult Ministry Charity Dinner (donation given to support)

  • 26 April - Spaghetti and Chicken Parmesan dinner

  • 17 May - Spaghetti and Chicken Parmesan dinner

  • 14 June - BBQ 

  • 18 June - Picnic on the lawn for new and current Arlington Diocese Seminarians, Bishop Loverde, and a number of Priests (~75 total). 

  • 30 August - Hosted 70-80 poor and 5/6 Sisters Missionaries of Charity, Mother Theresa’s Order volunteers at a lunch

  • 6 September - BBQ 

  • 4 October - dinner


  • 6-12 January. Dinner with the June family 

  • 21 February - Saturday parmesan and spaghetti dinner 

  • 22 March - Pancake Breakfast 

  • 3 April - Fish Dinner 

  • 25 April dinner

  • 16 May dinner

  • 20 June dinner

  • 08/08/09   Following the 5:00pm Saturday Mass

  • 9/19/09     Following the 5:00pm Saturday Mass



Image from GE Healthcare

Support Life Activities:


  • 3 November 3, praying of the Rosary & vigil

  • In a letter to Congress, Cardinal Justin Rigali, Chairman of the Bishops' Committee for Pro-Life Activities, highlighted the origins and purpose of the Mexico City Policy and made four observations: first, abortion does not plan a family but kills a member of the family; second, studies show that promoting contraceptives does not necessarily reduce abortions; third, when made available alongside preventive methods, abortion replaces prevention; and fourth, it is contrary to logic and common sense to say that we can reduce abortions by supporting groups dedicated to promoting abortion. Click here for the full text of Cardinal Rigali's letter.  

  • 8  December 8th - 9 AM at the Cathedral  of St. Thomas More a Mass to Support Life is to be held by Bishop Loverde  & vigil


  • March for Life 2008: 35th Anniversary -  prepared lunches for 200 students, 40 brothers, and 20 sisters.

  • 26 January - Respect Life Mass with Bishop Loverde will be at 8:45 a.m. at St. Louis

  • 23 February - Respect Life Mass with Bishop Loverde will be at 9:00 a.m. at Holy Spirit Parish  

  • 22 March - Join Bishop Loverde on Holy Saturday to pray the Rosary at the abortion facility on 900 S. Washington St. , Falls Church.  

  • 12 April - Respect Life Mass with Bishop Loverde will be at 8:30 a.m. at St. Michael Parish

Thanksgiving Basketball Tournament News


  •  Tournament raised over $3000 for scholarships.



Keep Christ in Christmas Card Sales 

2007: Sold hundreds of cards

2008: Sold hundreds of cards

2009: Recognized by State for Keep Christ in Christmas Award


Basketball Free Throw Contests:

Knights annually support District and Local Contests

Supporting the Church


  • Ushers for Christmas Midnight Mass

  • Ushers for Holy Thursday Mass

  • Ushers for Easter Vigil Mass

  • Parish Feast Day (21-24 May) voluntary devotions by Knights and families

  • Prayers for vocations (31 May - World Movement of Prayer for Priests) and annual donations of $3.65/Knight


  • Ushers for Christmas Midnight Mass

  • Ushers for Holy Thursday Mass

  • Ushers for Easter Vigil Mass

Football Frenzy 2007-08

Sold tickets for a chance to win $1000 - proceeds benefit Virginia Knights of Columbus Charity, Inc.

KOVAR - Knights of Columbus of Virginia Assisting Citizens with Mental Retardation

KOVAR  - Knights of Virginia providing assistance for citizens with intellectual disabilities

2009: $5400 collected!




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